• Developed for optimal material flow

  • The s|tower® Various isn't just technically innovative; it can also be individually and seamlessly integrated into the existing production environment. The tower adjusts flexibly to production changes and can be converted and put back into operation in no time without much effort.
    This great flexibility enables optimal material flow on the production line and minimizes tooling and down times. s|tower® Various is more than just a parts store; its features ensure a prompt return on investment (ROI).

  • s|tower® systems adapt

  • The s|tower® Various system adapts to increasing demands on production and can be quickly and flexibly integrated into existing or new production environments.

    Level 1s|tower® Various as an autonomous production supply depot.

    Level 2 – connection of the s|tower® Various to the ERP or P&P system

    Level 3Closed Loop: The s|tower® Various acts as a link for material and information flow from production through the production-supply depot area to the main warehouse.

  • Multifunctional storage system

  • s|tower® Various systems are 100% compatible with one another and can be arbitrarily expanded. The towers
    can be arranged and used as an interacting, central supply area or as a stand-alone line store.
    s|tower® Various systems connected as a multifunction store enable the simultaneous storage and retrieval of components.

  • Traceable processes

  • s|tower® software records all of the stored goods' movement data and tracks both the warehouse stock and the period of use of parts as well as MSL-relevant information. The allocation of materials to the production order is also documented. Depending on access privileges, all of the stored information can be read out and passed to the tracing process.

  • Maximum stock control

  • The availability of components is defined according to an established traffic light scheme. The system recognizes whether the material stock is sufficient, partly lacking, or unknown or not present.
    Production needs can be reserved for orders and are from then on subject to a material availability check. Minimum and maximum stocks are checked and can be passed to the main warehouse as a printout, order form, or CSV file for replenishment. Tool lists and consignment goods are managed by line.

  • Mix-ups precluded

  • The unique package ID ensures that mix-ups are precluded and that each part is available in the right place at the right time. If no package ID is available, an unmistakable bar-code/plain-text label can be generated via the integrated s|tower® Label-Designer.

  • Do you have questions?

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